THE city will not go smoke-free until after 2040, according to new research.

A report conducted by Frontier Economics and commissioned by Philip Morris Limited (PML) found Brighton and Hove is not one of the top ten cities outside London set to go smoke-free first despite repeated warnings about the dangers of cigarettes.

Mark MacGregor, director of external affairs at PML, believes an increase in awareness about smoke-free alternatives is vital to help achieve a smoke-free society faster.

He said: “Over four million smokers need to be persuaded to quit altogether or alternatively switch to a less harmful alternative if the Government is to realise its smoke-free ambition in the relatively near future.

“Critical to achieving that goal will be ensuring that smokers in Brighton and Hove have the facts about alternatives, like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

“Currently, too many smokers still believe the alternatives are as harmful as smoking or are simply unaware that they exist and continue to use cigarettes.”