AS THE winner of Britain’s Best Burger competition in 2017, Burger Brothers is the jewel in Brighton’s fast food crown.

Tucked away in North Road, the cheery lime green joint is small and unassuming, belying its success.

Asked what makes his burgers so popular, owner Nadz Nwokoro said: “The secret is freshness, effort and a love of cooking.”

The business has humble origins – for three years running, Nadz and close friend Pip Ravindra hosted a chicken barrel barbecue in the latter’s garden during Pride.

Acclaim for the barbecue spread, and when the lease came up for the North Road site the friends pounced.

They had little time to come up with a business plan to impress the landlord, and settled on trialling burgers.

It is not a decision they have regretted.

Pip has since left, but the restaurant has continued to excel with the same menu with which it began six and a half years ago.

Frequent customer Dr Daniel Watson was eager to praise the joint. Tucking into a burger with halloumi and chorizo, the doctor, who eats at Burger Brothers at least once a week, described his meal in two words: “Sublime. Scrumptious.”

He also praised the prices; the burgers are eminently affordable, made from 100 per cent British beef and sourced locally.

Burger Brothers is infamous for not serving chips, a decision taken not only because just one grill would fit in the kitchen. Nadz said: “The burgers stand alone. They are the focus.”

At a time when many are choosing to cut down on their meat Nadz has seen an increase in demand for gluten-free, vegan and veggie options.

He said: “In the longer-term we need to stop eating meat.

“But for now we still sell it all, and we’ll continue to sell everything.

“The sheer volume of burgers means we may need an extra grill for veggies.”