BUSINESSMAN Sam Thomas teamed up with his uncle George to cook up a storm on a new Channel 4 television show.

The 40-year-old swapped his office for an apron to indulge in his passion for Greek Cypriot food.

Sam and George, 60, who live in Saltdean, formed team Dasaki to bring family recipes to the masses on Cooking Up A Fortune.

Hosted by Dominic Cools-Lartigue, the teatime show aired for the first time on Monday.

Three teams of two battled it out to earn the most profit by selling their dishes to paying customers.

The inspiration for Dasaki’s food is rooted in history.

Village recipes travelled with the family, being handed down from generation to generation. Sam said: “None of them were ever written on paper.

They were learned by observing our parents and grandparents as they cooked for the family. Cooking Up A Fortune has been a fantastic way to share these recipes with other families and food lovers.”

In the first episode, Sam, 40, and George, 60, impressed with their vegetable moussaka. On day two, they introduced foodies to their take on slow-cooked lamb kleftico and fasoulaki yahni.

At the end of the first two episodes, Dasaki brought in a profit of more than £400 but was overtaken for first place by Dorset Gourmet.

The difference was just £23.

“It was a great experience – my food dream come true,” said Sam, boss of networking organisation FirmBalls. “We were knocked out of the show but feel really humbled by all the support.

"In fact, we are determined to keep the spirit of Dasaki alive with a cookbook. It’s something I have promised my mum.”