LOVE ISLAND’S Amy Hart is going back to school.

The 27-year-old, from Worthing, will be returning to her old secondary school later this month.

Her aim is to help young people cope with the pressures that can come with social media use.

Amy will be meeting Worthing High School headteacher Pan Panayiotou at the end of the month with the intention of giving talks to students on how to deal with bullying online.

This comes after a recent documentary on BBC which involved Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson discussing how online abuse almost drove her to suicide.

Amy said: “Anyone who watched Jesy’s documentary will have been upset by the content, but also concerned about the direction some aspects of social media are moving towards.

“This is a huge issue for society and my generation has the opportunity to help improve things.

“When I came out of the Love Island villa in July, I had 150 ‘anonymous’ people on Twitter telling me I was ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. How can that be right?

“I’m 27 - I can’t begin to imagine how I would have felt if I was 13 and the same thing was happening.

“If by talking to young people about this issue we stop one child being bullied, or empower another child to tell an adult about their anxieties, or even stop another youngster being an online bully, it’s a step forward.

“We can’t change things overnight, but talking about it and raising awareness has to be a positive move.”

Worthing High chairman of governors Tony Cohen said “ I am really proud that the values of social responsibility and caring for others that we aspire to instil in our students is being so well demonstrated by our former student, Amy”

Once she has done the talk at Worthing High, Amy hopes to speak to a number of other local schools.