A DRUG dealer was caught red-handed by police while he was attempting to stuff wraps of heroin and cocaine into his pants.

Stephen Johnson was found with the class A drugs while he was occupying the passenger seat of a car in Brighton.

Police had followed four men who were acting suspiciously and found the 35-year-old nearby.

Phone records showed he was arranging deals.

He was motivated by his own greed, Lewes Crown Court heard.

Judge Stephen Mooney was told that Johnson had previously been given a community order.

But he had not completed unpaid work because of he was suffering from a “breakdown”.

He jailed Johnson for three years.

Sophie Evans, prosecuting, said police were on patrol at 11.30am on July 29.

She added: “Police went up to see what the four men had done.

“They found the defendant who was alone in the passenger seat of the car.

“They saw his trousers were half way down and he appeared to be putting something in his boxer shorts.

“He resisted the officers as they tried to get hold of him.

“But after shaking his trouser leg, the drugs fell out.”

There were 59 wraps of heroin worth £590, and 57 wraps of crack cocaine with £570.

Officers also seized £763 in cash from Johnson.

Ms Evans said Johnson was “motivated by personal financial advantage” and had “significant role” with “awareness and understanding” of the drugs operation.

David Bathhurst, defending, said his client suffers from post traumatic stress after an incident involving Johnson’s best friend when they were teenagers.

He asked the judge to consider a suspended sentence because of the support of Johnson’s family and employer and a “realistic prospect of rehabilitation” outside of prison.

Mr Bathhurst said his client had not completed many hours of unpaid work due to a “nervous breakdown”.

But Judge Mooney said: “A nervous breakdown precluded him from doing unpaid work, but it doesn’t stop him selling crack cocaine and heroin on the street.

“If one has the stress and strain of being caught by police, that isn’t going to help with a nervous breakdown is it?”

Johnson, of The Glade, Croydon, held his face in his hands.

He admitted two counts of possessing class A drugs with the intent to supply.

The judge told him he cannot use the trauma of the incident involving his best friend as an excuse forever.

Judge Mooney said: “You have the support of a loving family who are clearly devastated that you have found yourself in this position.

“You were found on the street with class A drugs.

“It was going to generate income for you, but generate misery for others.”