GREEN councillors have criticised the Labour Party for hosting “polluting” companies at their conference.

Brighton and Hove city councillor Elaine Hills said she was “horrified” to see Heathrow Airport and BP will host events at the Labour Party conference this weekend.

Cllr Hills said Labour was putting out a message of “business as usual” to “big polluters” .

“Heathrow is already the biggest single source of greenhouse gases in the UK,” said Cllr Hills.

“A third runway will all but blow our chances of meeting our targets for cutting emissions.

“So why are Labour, which says it is committed to ‘radically transforming economically’ to focus on climate change, making space for events like this to happen?”

Cllr Hills said she was “very disappointed” and expected better from the party.

She said: “As Greens, we know radical transformation to a carbon-zero economy is key to avoiding the most damaging effects of climate change.”