A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched after a fire devastated a block of flats in Brighton last night.

Around 50 people were put up in temporary accommodation last night after the massive blaze in Pankhurst Avenue.

Ten fire crews spent the whole night trying to put out the fire after initially being called at 8.30pm.

Residents were told to close their windows as thick smoke as seen throughout the city.


Dramatic images show the residential building engulfed in flames, with the entire top floor of the three-storey block ablaze.

No one was injured.

A fundraising page for those affected has now been set up by a local resident.

It has so far raised £800 out of a £5,000 goal.

A message on the page reads: “There has been a huge fire in the flats at the top of Pankhurst Avenue involving at least 12 flats being completely burnt down.

"I have started this campaign to raise money for the families who have lost everything.”

On Facebook, another page has been set up for people to donate items.

More than 200 people have already offered to help.

Witnesses have described “awful scenes” as the smell of smoke spreads across the entire town.

A passerby told the The Argus: “It's a scene of devastation.

“There's 8 pumps. It's a scene of devastation. The police are going through the building to check everyone is out.'

The Argus:

“There are ambulances up there but not seen anybody being carried out from where we were.

“There are two ladder platforms.”

Those affected by the fire were all taken to The Edge Community Centre.

Caroline Lucas, the MP for Brighton, was among those sending her support to those affected.

She said: “Heart goes out to everyone affected by the Pankhurst Flats fire in Brighton. Thanks to fire service for all their professionalism & to community for all you’re doing.”

The fire service later said that the gas would have to be cut off from certain properties for around 48 hours while it continued to deal with the blaze.

A spokesman said: “We have been informed that SGN gas will be cutting the supply of gas to the Pankhurst Avenue, Brighton area.

“This will affect approx 20 properties in the vicinity. It is likely that the supply will not be reconnected for at least 48 hours.”

To support the fundraiser, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/pankhurst-flats-fire-campaign 

See the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Donations-for-the-Pankurst-Avenue-fire-106707847396463/