KATIE Price has admitted her mansion really is "mucky" by showing off piles of clutter, filthly rooms and rotting food in her fridge.

The former glamour girl, 41, has given fans a tour of her huge house in Horsham on her new YouTube channel.

She claimed her house is a mess because she's in the middle of renovations.

Katie told the camera: "Yes, it does look like a mucky mansion."

The Argus:

The Argus:

The mum-of-five showed off a dirt heap in the back yard, a scum-encrusted swimming pool and rubbish strewn all over the garden before heading indoors.

Inside, she led a camera operator around the rooms, many of which were piled high with heaps of clutter. 

She also let fans have a look in her fridge, pulling out a plate of old salad which looked like it had gone off and some stale half-eaten crumpets.

The Argus:

Katie admitted her house usually smells of cat wee because one of her moggies regularly urinates in the fireplace.

She also claimed there's a hedgehog lost in the house as one of her daughter Princess' pets escaped and has been roaming free ever since.

Katie toured the renovations, which include a new room for teenage son harvey in the annex and said the house is going to be completely transformed.

The Argus:

Looking to shed the mucky mansion label, Katie mused about what her home will be called once it has been finished.

She said: "Really I should call it Priceywood.



"Get it?"