HUNDREDS of protesters brought the city to a standstill during their march for a second EU referendum.

Activists gathered at The Level in Brighton before parading along the seafront to Hove Lawns.

Outside the Brighton Centre Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer joined the march.

Brighton and Hove MPs Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Caroline Lucas were in the front row, carrying a banner which read: "Trust the people".

Michelle Mullen, 48, of Dyke Road, Brighton was among those who took part.

She said: "I think its very worrying. If the case in the Supreme Court doesn't go through, we are at the end of what has been a very long road.

"It is important to march for People's Vote, we can't let Boris Johnson not let us have a say.

"I think it's the most important issue in my entire life."

Meanwhile Marc Board, 46, and Andy Cook, 51, of the Preston Park area of Brighton joined the protest.

Mr Cook said: "Politicians aren't going to sort this out."

Mr Board added: "It would be more democratic to have a referendum than to push through a no deal with a log jam in Parliament."

University law lecturer Annika Newnham, 52, of Portslade, said she has faced three years of uncertainty since the British people voted to leave in 2016.

She feared that the rights of EU nationals are being used as bargaining chips.

"The politicians have had three years to sort out Brexit, and they can't, it is just incompetence and they are going nowhere," she said.

Labour Party frontbencher Keir Starmer told the crowds Labour should call a second referendum and then back the option to remain in the European Union.

Meanwhile Emily Thornberry was booed by crowds over her support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Brighton Green Party MP said a no deal Brexit would lead to ford shortages, fuel price rises, and medicine shortages.

She Britain deserves better.

Hove and Portslade Labour MP Peter Kyle said those who led the Leave campaign made promises tha cannot be kept.

"They can't take ownership of their failure," he said.