ECO warriors took their message to the Labour Party with a giant boat along the seafront.

Extinction Rebellion marched past the Brighton Centre and along the seafront to Old Steine.

Buses and traffic was held up on the A259 during the hour-long parade.

The focal point was a giant “lightship” named Greta, in honour of Swedish teenage Great Thunberg who has sparked the global protest movement.

Protesters wanted to raise their concerns and press Labour to pledge policies to boost the environment.

The Argus:

Activist Alison Plaumer said: “With this action we are reaching out to the Labour Party to make the climate crisis the number one concern at this conference.

“We want those at the helm to listen to the huge number of voices within its own ranks who are as terrified as we are about the ongoing collapse of the ecosystems on which all life on Earth depends.

“Make no mistake, at the moment we’re headed towards extinction. The government has set us on course for decarbonisation for 2050, which is far too late. It’s suicidal.”

The lightship played an alternative shipping forecast warning of severe gales, wintry showers, summer heatwaves, early frosts, high winds and snow showers.

There were also samba band drummers, cyclists, and protest banners, supported by the noise of a Second World War air raid siren.

The Argus:

Ms Plaumer added: “Scientists are telling us we must become carbon neutral long before 2050.

“David Attenborough has warned the UN that the collapse of civilization is on the horizon. “This means our government is failing in its most basic duty: to keep citizens safe and secure.

“It’s why we feel morally compelled to rebel against it - and urge its main opposition, the Labour Party, to be as bold as it can on this issue, it is the defining issue of our times.”

Extinction Rebellion and Labour activist James Moulding said: “Tens of thousands across the UK are now organising, in active rebellion, against the British government and its ecocidal policies.

“We’re here today to call on Labour Party activists to join the Rebellion, to join our movement. This is how we change everything, and we need everyone.”

Last week thousands of schoolchildren and youngsters brought Brighton to a standstill as part of a worldwide “youth climate strike”