LGBT activists will hold a protest later today against a group they believe are transphobic.

Activist group Queer AF Brighton will stage a demonstration at the Old Steine Gardens from 5pm to protest against a conference being held by Women’s Place UK (WPUK).

The WPUK has invited Labour Party Conference delegates to discuss their manifesto tonight at their "A Woman's Place is at Conference" meeting, and are offering half of the tickets for free to Labour Party members.

Queer AF Brighton believe WPUK have appropriated feminism and claim the group are using the Labour Party conference and The World Transformed Festival to spread a transphobic message.

WPUK have campaigned on a number of women’s issues since September 2017, and their manifesto states that women are a "distinct sex class, with distinct needs, weaving through all aspects of life".

According to their website the group is against "gender neutral" toilets in schools and does not recognise this term, preferring to use the term "mixed-sex" instead.

However, the group claims to be "against all forms of discrimination" and believes "in the right of everyone to live their lives free from discrimination and harassment".

Their website states: ‘Women face both endemic structural and personal inequality.

"This is why sex is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act (2010) which we believe must be defended."

The WPUK public meeting is due to start at 7pm, but its location has not yet been announced.