A CHEF is subverting stereotypes and sending out fine food at the same time.

Manju Patel is the head chef at Manju’s in Trafalgar Street, Brighton.

She has been serving traditional, home-cooked dishes to the restaurant’s customers - and all at the age of 82.

She is one of only a handful of women across the UK working in Indian restaurants.

But Manju’s son Naimesh said gender roles in Indian kitchens are slowly changing.

He said: “My mum has also been a provider, that’s what she does.

“When we opened it was never our intention to make her the chef but she walked in and went straight to the kitchen because that’s where she is most comfortable.

“I think it’s well known that restaurants are male dominated, there never seems to be enough women in the industry.

“I think it’s a stereotype because it’s long days and hard work. It’s great things are changing but it’s taken too long.”

And for Manju there is nowhere she’d rather be.

She said: “I enjoy food, I love feeding people. I have always fed family and friends, I’ve been cooking since I was 12. I really like it down here.

“A lot of women used to stay at home, some don’t even enjoy cooking. That’s why more men are in kitchens.”