THIS Labour party looked as though it would go on all night.

I was strolling along the seafront when I heard a familiar voice booming out of a hi-fi. Showered in confetti and dry ice, Jeremy Corbyn was making a speech at Shooshh nightclub.

Later that evening, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner would be hopping through the crowd in a flat peak cap as Guardian journalist Owen Jones hurtled through the melee.

For the hundreds of politicians, trade unionists and aides in Brighton, the Labour Party conference is a chance to unwind as well as work.

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The club night, put on for the Communications Workers Union, is regarded by party members as a conference highlight.

They’re given free drinks tokens, and among the damp confetti on the dancefloor there were dozens of extras. Thirsty socialists scrambled in search of drink. Clubgoers thronged at the bar ordering pink gin and vodka tonics. There was a strong sense of camaraderie.

In his speech, Mr. Corbyn talked of togetherness and uniting against “those that would divide us”. He said: “There’s only one answer – that is our unity, our love for each other.”

It was an odd night. After Mr Corbyn’s address, but before Angela Rayner MP took to the decks, the DJ said: “I don’t think we’ve ever had a speech like that in a nightclub.”