WE READ again that Brighton still has a continuing problem with the homeless and beggars.

Why can’t the council admit to the real reason for this problem is “easy pickings” that Brighton offers.

The same problem occurred in Park Lane in London where beggars were earning considerable sums begging until the police moved them on.

I don’t think anyone objects to helping genuine cases especially if they come from Brighton, but I think those people are in a minority.

I also wonder how many of them are English not eastern Europeans brought to England by gangs to make money by begging.

They may also have homes in their native country so technically they are not homeless.

These beggars and homeless are giving Brighton a bad reputation with many elderly locals saying they won’t go to Brighton shopping because of the beggars.

A good reason for the council to act responsibly and move these “conmen”, for that is what they are, out of the city.

Problem solved I hope.

John Armstrong, Peacehaven