THEY may have run out of beer, but that did not stop punters from having a farewell drink at their favourite pub yesterday.

Regulars of all ages came out in force to the Royal Pavilion Tavern in Castle Square on its closing day in Brighton.

Despite the sad occasion the atmosphere was jubilant, with many drinkers sharing fond memories.

Susan Harris, 58 of Ashton Rise, said: “I’ve only been coming for six years, but today is still emotional.


“We normally drink lager but we don’t care if they’ve run out, we just want to have a last pint here.

“If I could nick one thing, it would be the staff.”

Victor ‘Tex’ Harris, 67, also of Ashton Rise, said: “The staff are all young and they put up with old gits like me.

“They mix with everyone, young and old.”

Michael Brooks, 48, of Lewes Road, took the day off work to go to the ‘Pav Tav’.

He said: “I got here at 12 o’clock - I wanted to be first through the door.

“I’ve been coming since 1996.

“Back then they had Brighton’s best indie night called Mad For It.

“It always stank of chicken because of Royal Fried Chicken next door, but we didn’t care.”

Michael said he was disappointed the pool table had already been moved out, as he was hoping for a last game.

He said: “I think we should have a sit-in until Mitchell and Butlers tell us what’s going on with the pub’s future.”

The pub has also been popular with younger pub-goers.

Natalie O’Hara, 27, from Brentwood Road, was happy to be out for one last night with her friends.

She said: “We all met here.

“Everyone here is a family.”

Maddie Hodges, 22, from Hollingbury agreed.

She said: “This is like my second home.

“We’ll probably move on to the King and Queen after this place closes down as it’s cheap, but it’s not the same.”

The Royal Pavilion Tavern announced on their website earlier this week that the pub would be closing permanently.

Then the pub’s owners Mitchell and Butlers seemed to suggest it will return, saying “work is about to commence with substantial investment to create flats on the upper floors of the building, and the business of The Royal Pavilion Tavern is required to temporarily close in order to facilitate this significant development.”