I read with interest your article on the financial problems facing various animal rescue groups in the area (The Argus, October 25). Sadly, this situation is reflected throughout the UK with injured and abandoned farm, wild and domestic animals and birds relying on volunteers and small independent charities to provide veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Many members of the public do not realise that the RSPB is a conservation body and does not provide care for avian casualties. The RSPCA and Scottish SPCA spend a great deal of their resources providing a "police force" to implement animal welfare laws. This is despite the fact the real police and local and national government have a statutory duty to enforce anti-cruelty legislation.

If the RSPCA put more effort into caring for abandoned and casualty animals and left the authorities to enforce animal protection legislation, people like Carla Lane and others might not have to dedicate their lives to caring for creatures which currently have no one else to protect them.

  • John F Robins, Animal Concern Advice Line Dumbarton