PARENTS were shocked to get a text from their children’s school saying their bad parking had caused a near miss during the morning drop-off.

The text said two pupils were almost hit by a car outside the school gates on Thursday morning.

The school run is a heated topic at Seahaven Academy in Newhaven, where there are building works, and teachers have tried to stop parents from dropping their children outside the gates.

The text said: “DANGEROUS INCIDENT. Two students were nearly hit by a car today.

“A driver stopped on double yellow lines by the entrance and reversed to leave. Thankfully this dangerous manoeuvre didn’t result in a child being hurt.

“Do not drop and collect at gates.”

But parent Daniele Clark, 47, blamed the school for the poor parking situation and criticised the “inconsiderate” text.

She said: “You get that text and you’re wondering if it’s your child.

“I don’t think a text is appropriate. It’s inconsiderate.

“I hope the kids’ parents at least got a call.

“There will soon be hundreds more students and hundreds more cars with the new junior school.

“I can’t understand why they built it next to a senior school, both with no parking.

“They’re doing more building work to take on more students, yet the junior school is technically on a one-way street.

“This is the fourth incident we know has happened. Maybe we should think of the children’s safety before expanding and causing more traffic.”

Grandmother Tarina Breeds, who lives in the same road as the school, said those driving their children in were at fault.

She said: “It puts my heart in my mouth when I am crossing the road with my grandchildren, it has become so, so dangerous, with double parking, speeding, and parking on the roundabout – because they insist on driving the kids to school.

“It needs a road going over the back to Peacehaven to prevent further accidents. And heaven forbid a fatality.”

Seahaven Academy said: “While the building works are going on, the academy has asked parents to drop their children a few minutes’ walk away from the school.

“There are extra staff in high vis jackets outside the school helping the children – who are all secondary school students – to cross the road safely and get into school.

“ The school has communicated, and will continue to reiterate, this message through emails, newsletters and texts.

“At Seahaven Academy the safety of our students is paramount.

“During the construction works, we are working with the traffic safety department at East Sussex County Council to ensure that all students, staff, parents and visitors are able to access the school grounds safely.

“Since the start of construction works, we have put in place numerous measures to ensure the safety of our students, including asking parents to drop their children a few minutes’ walk away from the school and having more staff outside the school gates.

“We are very grateful that the overwhelming majority of parents have followed the new safety measures.”