On the Monday before last, I was walking in Shoreham and I was approached by a man pulling a case on wheels and holding a microphone.

"Have you got a few minutes to answer some questions?" he asked. Yes, I replied.

He introduced himself as being from BBC 5Live radio and down to cover the Labour Party conference.

He proceeded to ask questions about what I thought of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in particular.

At some stage, I told him what we needed was another centrist party to emerge that catered for those with no specifically defined left or right wing opinions.

We can park the Lib Dems as that option as they have no respect to see through the wishes of the 17.4million voting majority regarding the EU referendum, even though hypocritically they campaigned heavily to call for an referendum on the EU in 2008.

I proceeded to tell the interviewer about the idea of the new "Common Sense Party" that had been thought of by one of our local journalists and what a good idea I thought it was.

He seemed positive and remarked perhaps that day may be its first.

So reading in a national paper yesterday that the former Labour Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, now receives a pay package of £741,883 annually from US-based charity International Rescue Committee, who in turn have been handed £107 million pounds over the last two years from the Department for International Development, our Overseas Aid lot who spend £14.5 billion pounds a year of our taxpayers' money.

I would say now is the time for some Common Sense.

Let us stop foreign aid for a couple of years.

Let us upgrade our hospitals, and employ more nurses and GPs to shrink waiting times.

Give more money to our local authorities to pay for refuse and graffiti removal, and, more importantly, towards their social services provision.

Let us build more quality care homes for the elderly in need.

Let us put more money into rehabilitation centres for our homeless with addiction issues.

What is wrong with saying "charity begins at home".

I for one think that is common sense.

Gordon White