people could wear masks to protect themselves from air pollution, a councillor has suggested.

Chichester District Council cabinet has authorised a public consultation into plans to designate Rumbolds Hill, Midhurst, as an Air Quality Management Area.

The area has failed tests for nitrogen oxide levels every year since 2015 and concerns were raised about residents’ health.

Councillor Sarah Sharp said she was regularly approached by people who had been to hospital with breathing problems such as asthma. Some were even thinking of leaving the area.

Norma Graves, cabinet member for housing, said: “It is a very bad area. The lorries congregate at the top because they can’t come down so they’re there puffing out all their exhaust. We know that in certain places, until people can have this resolved, those people who are really very much at risk could wear a mask.

“We have seen it in other places abroad. That’s the only other thing I could suggest to help people who have problems.”

Council officers are to speak to the highways team at West Sussex County Council to work out what could be done.