A MOTHER-OF-THREE says she has been forced to throw away her possessions after mould in her council flat ruined them.

Lauren Mclellan, of Fitch Drive, Bevendean, is desperate to move out of the property in Brighton.

She has been living in the flat with her children Ruby, nine, Alfie, six and Renesmai, 11 months.

She is also five months pregnant with her fourth child

She had previously been put in emergency accommodation after not being able to afford the rent in her Mile Oak home, following a split from her partner, before being moved to Bevendean.

She has complained that the flat is filled with mould and damp and that her possessions are now being ruined because of it.

In pictures seen by The Argus you can see mould on her children’s toys and even school bags.

Lauren said: “There is mould and damp everywhere, and because it’s humid in the flat it is sticking to the floor and my belongings as well as the walls.

“I’ve already lost one baby cot, a buggy and most of my children’s toys.

“My daughter has nothing left.

“I’m on Universal Credit and can’t afford to replace everything.

“All that damp happened in summer, now it’s winter it’s going to be a lot worse.

“The council said it has put me on transfer list but told me it could take months.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has been assessing the property and trying to resolve the situation by contacting the landlord, a spokesman said.

The council spokesman said: “Full damp surveys of the property have been carried out and, as a result, the landlord has been advised to upgrade the heating system to address humidity levels.

“No structural damp has been identified.

“The tenant has been kept informed through regular correspondence and meetings with housing officers.

“She has been placed on the priority transfer list so that the work can be carried out as soon as possible. She is also being offered advice on all her housing options.

“One of our senior temporary accommodation officers is visiting the tenant to see if there are any other measures that would help with the damp problem.”