THE Duke and Duchess of Sussex have supported a campaign to improve mental health.

The campaign, also fronted by Brighton’s Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks and TV presenter Davina McCall of Wadhurst among a host of other stars, is calling for people to be more aware of their mental wellbeing.

The public health campaign revealed that 81 per cent of people in the region have experienced early signs of poor mental health including feeling anxious, stressed, having low mood or trouble sleeping in the last 12 months.

Harry and Meghan and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have supported Every Mind Matters by voicing a special film, written by Richard Curtis and directed by the photographer Rankin.

The film features celebrities including Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close, Freddie Flintoff, Professor Green and Bake-Off’s Nadiya Hussain.

The film, which you can see at, will be broadcast simultaneously on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels.

The campaign’s data also showed that 29 per cent of those who experienced signs of poor mental health waited at least six months before taking steps to manage their problems, with 75 per cent of them wishing they had acted sooner.

In the film Prince Harry says: “Everyone knows that feeling when life gets on top of us.

“We feel stressed, low, anxious. We think there is nothing to be done.”

Meghan says: “But now there’s a new way to turn things around.”

The campaign, endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners, aims to shows people the simple steps to deal with stress, boost mood, improve sleep and feel in control.

Angela Baker, deputy director for health and wellbeing at Public Health England South East said: “It’s really important to look after our mental health just as we look after our physical health.

“We’re aware of steps we can take to look after our physical health but many of us are not as knowledgeable or proactive as we could be when it comes to our mental health.

“So Every Mind Matters gives us all some simple tools to help manage our wellbeing. It’s important to be honest with ourselves and remember that anxiety, stress, low mood and trouble sleeping can affect everyone.

“Every Mind Matters aims to help people to better handle life’s ups and downs.”

Emma Law, 46, from Worthing, has been through three difficult periods in her life.

Two were when she was under a lot of stress at work and found herself feeling depressed.

Then she witnessed a traumatic incident sparking a further bout of depression, flashbacks and sleep problems.

She saw her GP and started cognitive behavioural therapy and began to focus more on exercise.

She said: “My advice would be to reach out and talk to someone you trust as well as seeing your GP.

“There are so many accessible services out there and people are just waiting to help you.”