A BRIGHTON MP has thrown her support behind an ongoing “international rebellion” in the country's capital.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has joined climate activists on the streets of London as they try to pressure the government into taking action on climate change.

They aim to do this through acts of “civil disobedience” such as gluing themselves to the buildings of companies whose actions they disagree with.

Ms Lucas, who has already delivered several passionate speeches to campaigners, said: "I have been going around several sites in London where Extinction Rebellion are holding their protests and sending a clear message to the Government to say we need to tell the truth about the climate emergency.

"It's an extraordinary thing when telling the truth has become a radical act.

"The message (of Extinction Rebellion) must be made loudly and clearly so the Government knows that saying a climate emergency is compatible with net zero emissions by 2050 simply isn't possible.

"That's the same as dialling 999 and asking for a fire engine in 30 years time.

"We need radical action now. There is more political leadership on the streets now than I have ever seen in the House of Commons, and I wish them well and will be standing with them in solidarity."

Ms Lucas had previously urged people to join the rebellion, which officially began yesterday, saying it would be the "greatest uprising yet".

Speaking late last month she said: "There is no more important issue than the climate crisis and there is no more important place to be than on the streets of London on October 7.

"I hope to see you there."

The 'rebellion' is planned to last for two weeks.

So far more than 280 protesters have been arrested in London.

Speaking at a Policy Exchange event yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson dubbed campaigners "uncooperative crusties" and said they should leave their "hemp-smelling bivouacs" and stop blocking the roads.