WHEN space is at a premium, it can be tough to find a parking spot - but the lack of any hasn't stopped these people from making their own.

We recently reported that parking on pavements could finally be banned by the Government after criticism from MPs on the transport committee.

In response, we asked our readers to send in some of the worst cases of awful parking they have seen in Brighton.

>> Parking on pavements could be banned

Here are some the best/worst examples.

The images are of parked cars in the city centre.

Locals have spoken of the danger bad parking can pose, particularly by drivers leaving their vehicles on the corners of junctions.

Pavement parking

A ban on pavement parking could be introduced. But we want to see your pictures of some of the worst instances near where you live.

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One resident pointed out that emergency vehicles such as fire engines might struggle to get down some streets.

“When there is a house fire and a few students die or a family with young children then maybe something will be done. Until then we just have to put up with it.”

>> Rude poem left under windscreen wipers on parked cars in Hove

Another wrote: “We have had a transporter lorry on our road before and the driver had to reverse all the way back down the road and turn up Trafalgar Place as he couldn’t turn either way. It’s not the easiest thing to do in a large lorry”.

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Aldi car park in Portslade

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Haddington Street

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As it is, there is no national ban against either on-street parking or pavement parking except in the latter case in the capital.

However, it is an offence to drive onto the pavement - with the intention to park or not.

Because this is a criminal offence, as opposed to the vast majority of civil parking offences, it is enforceable by the police, not councils.

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