ALL over Hove bins are sprawling into the roads and on to pavements.

The council are not replying to complaints about the service and not clearing up spilled waste and bins if emptied are an utter filthy disgrace.

Yet no action has been taken against this poor service.

I filmed one lorry. They emptied one bin and left another as rubbish was over the pavement.

I reported a local business using our bins and offered proof. No reply from them. This is an ongoing issue and we are being ignored and left to live in slum conditions. But I bet it is not like that on their streets. The bins are not fit for purpose and never get cleaned. Those that break or are in disrepair take months to be replaced.

They added a clothing collection to the bottom of the street. Why and who benefits? It’s not suitable for a residential area.

The collectors dump plastic bags of the items they don’t want in our bins too. It’s a free for all dumping ground.

Our city is a complete waste dump. All over there is heaps and heaps of rubbish. Who wants to live in this?

Brodie Taylor-Moray, Address supplied