FANS of rare comics will have a chance to pick up some of the valuable illustrated stories on public transport next week.

One day next week, hundreds of rare comics featuring superheroes including Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Hulk will be left on trains and buses across Brighton.

One of the rarer comics up for grabs is Amazing Fantasy #15, which first introduced the world to Spider-Man.

The Marvel team will be going on buses and trains across the city to either hand out the comics or leave them on seats for lucky fans to find themselves.

The company has not confirmed which day the comics will be distributed but has said it will be some time during the week starting on Monday.

A special sticker on the cover will help distinguish these comics from others, that passengers may have accidentally left on their seats.

The initiative aims to introduce new audiences to the origins of the characters and stories that have influenced pop culture.

The rare comics that commuters are most likely to find are Fantastic Four #1, 1961; Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962; Fantastic Four #52, 1966; Ms. Marvel #1, 1977; Iron Man #172, 1983; New Warriors #1, 1990; Alpha Flight #106, 1992; Astonishing X-Men #51, 2012; Captain Marvel #14, 2013; and Spider-Woman #1, 2015.

To have a chance of finding the rare comics, make your way round Sussex on buses and trains next week.