A PRIMARY school celebrated the 60th anniversary of its opening in style last week.

Pupils at Rudyard Kipling in Woodingdean were treated to a fun-filled day of dancing, party games and more to mark the occasion.

At one point the youngsters even started a huge conga line, doing a series of laps around the school grounds.

This followed a special assembly in which three former pupils who joined the school when it first opened in 1959 told existing pupils about their time there.

Children were fascinated to hear how times had changed and could not believe it when they were told pupils once had to clear the grounds of Second World War ammunition and shells.

They were also glad to know that school meals had changed after hearing what the three former pupils had eaten during

their time at Rudyard Kipling.

Later in the day the school council compiled a “time capsule”, a small container with photos from the day and drawings from the pupils inside.

This was buried in the school grounds and pupils left a set of strict instructions advising that it should not be opened until another 60 years have gone by, when they hope it will be unearthed by the class of 2079.

Children also asked that pens and pencils were included in the time capsule as they did not think children in 2079 will still be using them.

When the school day had finished, headteacher Joanne Smith invited staff, governors, former pupils, councillors and the school dogs – cavapoochons Hugo and Buddy– to attend a party organised by the parents, teacher and friends association.