CAROLINE Lucas as an MP has every reason to question why so many homeless people have perished.

Please carry on demanding answers, but she must also look at what has happened since the financial crash and the pressure put on our infrastructure through the inability for any government to meet the needs high demand immigration was going to place on our housing.

Yet, was it not you Caroline who demanded we let more immigrants in irrespective of lack of housing in the country?

Look at the irresponsible way our council allowed the influx of students into the town without addressing the problems of housing them.

Due to the demand for accommodation house prices are rocketing and that pushes up the cost of renting.

That was overlooked by our councillors so keen on the riches they were procuring for the council coffers, but did not see the cost it would place on the residents.

Maybe the problem is the lack of good quality MPs and local councillors. They being party first, country second, and so full of self importance and so blinkered they cannot or will not see what is right from wrong.

In the Sixties during the high inflation caused through bad economic policies, we were experiencing at that time, I taught my children how as a parent you must make decisions that are painful to your way of thinking, but are right for all the family.

My duty was to put a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.

The fact that I had holes in my shoes and patches on my clothes was not sufficient reason for me to deny the needs of the family.

If our representatives in Parliament looked in the same way as we parents have to look at our families, maybe we will find a solution to every problem.

Austerity is something that nobody likes, but when it is placed on the people and us elderly have had suffered that situation many times, while never seeing a starving politician during those times.

We have more women in Parliament, yet there is no more improvement in the way Parliament behaves, which shows again the lack of quality in our MPs.

Spencer Carvil, Egginton Road, Brighton