The Richard Alston Dance Company: The Final Edition

Theatre Royal, Brighton, Tuesday, October 8

THE Richard Alston Dance Company presented a generous performance as part of their Final Edition tour, performing five works over two hours

Brahms Hungarian (pictured) was an elegant, more traditional balletic affair with lots of well-composed lifts, elevated by dramatic, percussive playing from pianist Jason Ridgway.

Alston invited Brighton dance company Ceyda Tanc’s youth group to perform.

A nice way to alter the mood, Toren was more brooding than Alston’s pieces, a glorious large ensemble work with the dancers’ arms creating captivating rippling effects.

A Far Cry was a highlight. Sinuous duets would change into frenetic, intoxicating group movements, all in striking striped costumes by Jeffrey Rogador.

The final piece, Voices And Light Footsteps, was a moving love letter to Monteverdi: ten graceful, vivid vignettes set to sumptuous music from the baroque composer.

The Richard Alston Dance company will sadly cease to operate in April 2020, but their final, beautiful performance in Brighton was a perfect way to say farewell.

Joe Fuller