ELDERLY residents in a block of flats say they are “desperate” because their lift has been broken for a month.

Lynn and John Middleditch, of Kingsley Court in King’s Road, Brighton, have mobility problems and rely on the lift, which has been broken since Sunday, September 14.

Lynn, 73, has multiple sclerosis (MS) and uses a walker and a wheelchair to get around.

She said: “I have MS but I like to get out.

“We’re on the ground floor but we have an underground garage, where I keep my wheelchair.

“Since the lift broke I’ve been going down the stairs on my bottom.

“The other day I had a fall and ended up with black eyes.”

Lynn’s husband John, 80, who uses two walking sticks, said: “She fell down 14 steps and bumped her head.

“She’s OK but it could have been much worse.”

John said he had not heard anything officially from the managing agent of the building, Stewart Radley, until September 23, which was more than a week after the lift stopped working.

He said: “They said the part needed for the lift would arrive in the next two days. But we’re still waiting.

“We’ve had all these dates given, but no one turns up. It’s totally unacceptable. What annoys me the most is the lack of communication.”

John and Lynn have lived in the property for 11 years, and said residents pay a maintenance fee twice a year.

Lynn said: “I’m just so worried. I can’t ever see it being fixed. I feel helpless.”

Derek Johnson, another elderly resident who lives on the second floor and also has MS, is in a wheelchair and relies on the lift.

He said: “It’s been awful for me. I can’t even get down to see my daughter on the floor below, and I can’t go outside. I really rely on that lift , and without it I’m totally cut off.”

Stephen Pook, director at Stewart Radley, said: “We have a contract with engineering company Kone for the lift which predates our management of the property and we are tied in to this for five years.

“We have contacted Kone and unfortunately the affected part is not an off-the-shelf item.

They have said it needs to be manufactured and we have chased them again and again. The foundry are not producing them very quickly.

“We are somewhat powerless as we are tied in.

“I was at the property yesterday, and we are trying to keep people informed.

“We massively sympathise with residents, but regrettably we are reliant on the contractor company.”