A CROOK who blamed a speeding offence on his former tenant has been convicted.

Ashfaq Asghar tried to pass the buck but his trickery was exposed by a police investigation.

The 28-year-old passed a speed camera at 39mph in a 30mph zone.

But when he received a ticket he nominated another driver who was convicted in his absence.

The man was then fined £660 and was given six points on his licence. But an investigation revealed Asghar had perverted the course of justice.

He provided false documents including a copy of the passport he had been provided when the nominated person rented a room from him in 2010.

Asghar voluntarily attended an interview at Shoreham Police Station on May 2 and provided a prepared statement. He denied the allegations against him before eventually pleading guilty at crown court.

At Lewes Crown Court on October 1 he was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to his victim, £600 costs and a £140 victim surcharge.

Chris Raynor, of the Sussex Police Camera and Ticket Process Team, said: “It is clear that Asghar produced a false receipt of sale in order to legitimise his account, and using a copy of his former tenant’s passport added credence to his attempts to avoid prosecution.”

He continued: “He had a total disregard to the effect it had on the person whose details he used.

“We have informed the victim of the outcome of this case and he replied to thank us for our determination and persistence in bringing Asghar to justice.”