BRITAIN'S biggest Monty Python fans have tied the knot in slapstick style - complete with a dead parrot on their top table and one of the troupe in attendance.

Gemma Harris became the “wife of Brian” to John Wood, five years after the pair met through a Monty Python dating website - that John set up.

Family and friends were treated to a slapstick big day, complete with dozens of references to the sketch comedy troupe - including a “Silly Walks Zone” sign and a 16-ton weight dangling above the dance floor.

John, 59, met 35-year-old Gemma on Pythonesque Dating - a Facebook page singleton John set up to help him and other fans find their soulmate.

He said: “I set the page up so people like me could find each other, and so find love, intellectual fulfilment and everlasting happiness.

“I just never thought it would happen to me.

“Gemma is a big fan - almost as big as I am.

“We analyse the shows and talk about what we find funny. I’m still finding new things funny about it 40 years later.

“Things remind us of Python all the time, situations we find ourselves in all the time such as she’ll ask me a question and I’ll reply with Python joke.

“It’s the kind of thing no one else would get - that’s why we had to have a Python wedding.”

The pair tied the knot on Saturday in Sharpthorne, West Sussex, on the 50th anniversary of the show - with ‘seventh Python’ Carole Cleveland as a surprise guest in the crowd.

John and Gemma put thousands of hours in to planning their big day, and included hundreds of props.

Instead of cutting the cake, they squashed it with the ‘foot of Cupid’, and their top table was decorated with a seven-foot dead parrot.

John said: “I wrote to the Pythons and Carole Cleveland who I had briefly met three times, just letting them know it was happening.

“Michael Palin replied to me directly saying, via his PA, ‘Michael is not long out of hospital following a heart-valve operation.

“’Michael has seen your message, he wishes you well, and thanks you very much for letting him know.’ “Carol Cleveland asked why I didn’t invite her to which I replied ‘If you’d like to come, you’d be extremely welcome. We would be honoured.’ “She replied, thanking me but saying she couldn’t come, but the next thing I knew, she was there to my utter shock - my mind was blown.”

Gemma was told about the website by her uncle and proceeded to sign up and met the love of her life John.

John is a father-of-one and was previously married, however felt that his next love should also be a Python fanatic.

When it came time to hand over the rings on the big day, the best man was carrying them in a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

And when the registrar asked if anyone knew of any reason why they couldn’t get married, someone replied “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

The pair currently live in East Grinstead, and work together running a social media management company.

John said: “Gemma walked down the aisle to the main theme tune of Monty Python in her wedding dress.

“We thought that only about five per cent of the guests would understand all the references, but everybody kept telling us that it was the absolute best wedding they had ever been to.”

A huge neon sign with the words “Always look on the bright side of life” was erected over the reception.