THE REMAINS of a bizarre creature has washed up on the beach.

Aaron Williams shared a photo of the sea creature on Hove beach today and some suggested it could be an eel, part of a whale or even an alien.

Some even claimed it was US President Donald Trump without a wig or Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort.

Mr Williams said he made the discovery near to the King Alfred leisure centre at around 10.30pm.

After that he posted a picture of the find on Facebook.

The Argus:

And people were quick to speculate what the animal could be.

One said: "It's a fish dragon."

And another wrote: "Think someone left their KFC bones behind.

A third added: "Sealife centre think it's a ray of some kind."

Others said it could be something discarded from the large fish trawler off the coast of Sussex.

The Argus:

But most agreed the creature was most likey the remains of a dogfish.

They are a type of shark common in our waters, which are often caught by trawlers as a bycatch and are dumped at sea.

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