MORE THAN 1,000 burglaries have been reported in the city in the last year, police figures have revealed.

The statistics, which are available on the website, show that between September, 2018, and August, 2019, 1,410 burglaries were reported across Brighton and Hove.

According to the data, only 10 reports, or 0.7 per cent, resulted in the offender being sent to prison.

More than 1,000 are listed as ‘no suspect being identified’ following an investigation.

Reports are listed as happening “on or near” a street.

Here are the ten streets with the most burglary reports:

1) Windsor Street, Brighton, 12

2) Lower Rock Gardens, Brighton 10

3) Dyke Road, Hove, 10

4) New Steine Mews, Brighton, 8

5) Victoria Grove, Hove, 8

Many reports appear as happening on or near locations, rather than roads.

There were 38 burglary reports at supermarkets and 24 at theatres and nightclubs.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “These figures are for residential and business premises, including attempted burglaries, and reflect the general picture across the county, which show that Sussex is one of the safest places to live with low rates of burglary compared to other counties across England and Wales.

“There were 7,170 reports of burglary from January - December 2018, 1,134 fewer offences (13.6%) than over the same period in 2017 (8,304)

“We will be getting more officers and PCSOs into Brighton and Hove as the newly-recruited officers get through training and get on to the streets ensuring a more visible police presence across the city and providing a deterrent to burglars.

“We do need the public to help us and encourage anyone to report any suspicious behaviour or if you see a crime in action to contact us on 999 without delay.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Ashcroft said: “We are working hard to reduce instances of burglary in the city and will continue to work to protect members of our communities from this crime.

“We treat burglary as a serious matter and our prevention teams are working closely with the community to reduce the opportunities for criminals to commit these crimes. None of this is achieved without everyone’s support and I am grateful to all our partners, including Neighbourhood Watch and members of the community who work with us to reduce burglary and bring offenders to justice.

“We all have a part to play to help keep Sussex safe and I urge residents to follow police advice and keep their property secure so that they are not a target for burglars.”

A business owner in the North Laine area said in the past few weeks about 20 businesses have been broken into at night, with cash, iPads and even entire tills stolen.

These include Brighton Chilli Shop, The Dressing Room and Laine Deli.

In August, burglars were chased by a heroic neighbour at hairdressers in Upper North Street.

Hair by Michal owners and partners Amit Arora and Micahel Zacynski found a shattered glass door and a police note when they went to the shop to open for the day.

They were later told by someone living nearby that a heroic neighbour chased off a gang of four after the shop’s alarm went off.

In September, a burglar broke into the Caramella sweet shop and spent two hours in the pick ‘n’ mix.

The thief made his way through aisles of gumdrops and cola bottles after smashing into the Kensington Gardens shop just before midnight.

And this week The Argus reported how a man smashed through the front door of a takeaway and stole two electronic tablets in an early morning raid.

Owner Joe Ghebrial said Joeie’s Takeaway in Viaduct Road will no longer be on Deliveroo after the raider stole the tablet it uses for the service.

Sussex Police put a burglar behind bars after a spree in Hove over the summer.

Burglar Muhammad Ahmed, of Ingram Crescent West, was sentenced to a year in prison for eight burglaries.

Operation Magpie targets burglars and both Summer and Christmas campaigns aim to advise people on how to protect themselves and their homes.

See for more information.

Windsor Street 12

Lower Rock Gardens 10

Dyke Road 10

New Steine Mews 8

Victoria Grove 8

Stanford Avenue 8

Shopping Area 8

Chesham Place 8

Church Road 8

Sackville Road 7

Upper Market Street 7

St James’s Street 7

Petrol Station 7

Prince Albert Street 7

Western Road 7

Bedford Street 7

Gloucester Road 7

New England Road 6

Portland Road 6

Grove Hill 6

London Road 6

Holland Road 6

Frant Road 6

Telegraph Street 5

Queen’s Road 5

Queensway 5

Montpelier Road 5

Stone Street 5

North Road 5

The Drive 5

Trafalgar Street 5

Ventnor Villas 5

South Street 5

North Gardens 5

St George’s Terrace 5

Wilbury Road 5

Grand Parade 5

Little Preston Street 5

Hogarth Road 5

Brunswick Terrace 5

Grand Junction Road 5

Cavendish Place 5

Beaconsfield Road 5

Cavendish Street 5

Lansdowne Road 5

Dyke Road Avenue 5

Boundary Road 5

Lover’s Walk 5

North Street 4

Queen Square 4

West Street 4

Redcross Street 4

New England Street 4

Preston Road 4

St Martin’s Place 4

Nutley Close 4

St Mary’s Place 4

Trafalgar Court 4

Rochester Gardens 4

Ship Street 4

Lauriston Road 4

Albert Mews 4

Ann Street 4

Donkey Mews 4

Kingsway 4

Brunswick Mews 4

Goldstone Lane 4

Eastern Road 4

Cross Street 4

Eastern Terrace Mews 4

Hove Place 4

Eaton Place 4

Clarendon Road 4

Findon Road 4

Little Western Street 4

Frederick Street 4

Chiddingly Close 4

Windmill Terrace 3

Portland Place 3

Prince’s Street 3

Queen’s Gardens 3

Scott Road 3

Springfield Road 3

St George’s Road 3

Upper St James’s Street 3

Queen’s Park Road 3

Warren Road 3

Nizells Avenue 3

Whitehawk Way 3

St John’s Place 3

The Martlet 3

Queensbury Mews 3

Richmond Place 3

Olivier Close 3

Rock Street 3

St Peter’s Place 3

Rustington Road 3

Middle Street 3

Warmdene Close 3

Steine Street 3

Waterloo Place 3

Namrik Mews 3

Seafield Road 3

Tavistock Down 3

Woodruff Avenue 3

Regent Row 3

York Place 3

Regent Street 3

Merevale 3

Broad Street 3

Kingswood Street 3

Eaton Road 3

Marshall Way 3

Lansdowne Place 3

Arthur Street 3

Leybourne Close 3

Haddington Street 3

Castle Square 3

Clarence Square 3

Lansdowne Mews 3

Atlingworth Street 3

Manor Hill 3

Hollingdean Road 3

Lavender Street 3

Bloomsbury Place 3

Conway Place 3

Hove Street 3

East Street 3

Kenilworth Close 3

Freshfield Road 3

Madeira Place 3

Marine Square 3

Gardner Street 3

Barrow Close 3

East Drive 3