If you fancy a walk over the South Downs but don’t like the thought of climbing up the hill to get there, this week’s route could be for you. You can get to the start by car and as Steve Kisko discovers, the route is easy to follow.

Distance/time: Four and three-quarter miles taking two hours.

Public transport: Not really an option and it is only accessible by driving a car to the start.

Car: Use the car park at the start at the end of the road called Firle Bostal on top of the South Downs, above Firle village.

Underfoot: A mixture of tarmac, grassy fields and chalky tracks. Far-reaching views out to sea are possible on a clear day.

Thirsty work: Nothing on route to take a drink and some snacks for the journey.

NOTE: Always follow the Countryside Code when exploring the great outdoors: www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-countryside-code.

Keep a dog under close control or on a lead if signs indicate.

Maps: OS Explorer 122: OL 11.

1. Start at the car park at the top of the hill on the road called Firle Bostal above Firle village.

Come out of the car park and turn left, continuing on the road you have just come up.

Follow the tarmac road.

In 700 yards pass through the farm complex of Blackcap Farm.

Where the road bends right towards a house keep straight, on to grass, and enter a large field ahead.

Keep left, along the fence line, as you cross Blackcap Hill.

Pass a dew pond on your right.

Later go through a gate and carry on down, now joining a chalky track coming in from the right. Keep left.

Make your way down to a gate in trees.

Go ahead, soon taking the right-hand gate to enter another grassy field, keeping to the left fence line as you decline downhill.

Sometimes there are sheep in this field to keep you company.

At the bottom where the ground levels out go ahead and through a gate.

Follow a path ahead, as it meanders right with a bank on the left and then bends left with a bank on the right.

2. You will reach a four-way crossroads.

Turn right and head up a short bank.

Continue to follow the left hedge line upwards.

In 250 yards you should reach a finger post where you turn right across the field.

Ignore a four-way crossing area down the bank to your left.

Make your way across the open field and over Snap Hill.

Reach a tall marker post and continue ahead through more open space.

Later, a fence line will come in from the right and you start to follow it, first heading down into a dip and then rising again as you climb Fore Hill.

As you go, look back over your left shoulder for views of Newhaven and the River Ouse which flows through Lewes.

After some time, the bridleway will join another one coming in from the left.

3. Just keep walking straight uphill, following the fence line on the right to carry on walking on a gradual climb.

In 700 yards pass near the buildings of America Farm on your right.

There is another gate to pass through on the way up, again keep to the right fence.

The radio station towers of Beddingham Hill will come into view over to the right.

4. At the summit of the hill make your way to a four-way junction where, by turning right, you join the South Downs Way.

Start walking towards the radio towers, passing very close to them on your right-hand side.

Continue along past them through open space and the car park should come into view ahead in the distance.

Along the way pass through another gate.

Roughly mid-point between this gate and the next (600 yards ahead) and over to the left is a scheduled monument earthwork known as a bowl barrow, essentially a burial ground dating from about 2400-1500 BC.

In 600 yards pass through that next, and final, gate to re-join Firle Bostal Road with the car park opposite you and you have then completed your ramble on the South Downs.