RESIDENTS are campaigning for change after years of disruption by students.

Neighbours in Coldean are sick of sleepless nights because of antisocial behaviour by students from the University of Brighton who live at Varley Park halls of residence in Coldean Lane and congregate at the bus stop in Hawkhurst Road every night.

Jasmine Cady, 30, of Hawkhurst Road, said: “It’s really stressful as we’re not sleeping.

“We’re up until 2am because of the noise and then we have to get up again at 6am for our kids.”

Jasmine said that last year she started patrolling the area herself from 9.30pm and she has had to do the same this year.

Members of Coldean Residents Association have launched a petition for a student bus service to run from Varley Park halls of residence, instead of them using the bus stop in Hawkhurst Road.

Carol Lynn, 71, of Coldean Lane, said: “Noise is the biggest issue— it’s ridiculous.

“It must be hell on earth for people who live so near the bus stop.

“We have met with the university before, but nothing changes.”

Anna De Wit, of Saunders Hill, said: “It’s not fair on the kids.

“Someone told me their child fell asleep at school as the noise has been keeping them awake.

“Some of the students have actually signed the petition too – we don’t want to tar them all with the same brush.

“The university really needs to act.”

The petition also calls for Brighton and Hove City Council to refuse planning permission for any expansion of Varley Halls unless the bus service is provided.

Anna said they received more than 200 signatures in just a few hours on Thursday morning, and they plan to present it to the council.

Labour Councillor for Hollingdean and Stanmer Theresa Fowler said: “I am concerned for the residents and the trouble they are having at the Varley Road bus stop with antisocial behaviour from the students.

“We are working with the university to try and resolve this.

“It would be helpful if we could get the bus stop moved to Varley Halls, but moving the bus stop requires changes to the highway, so it’s not straightforward.”

A spokesman for the University of Brighton said: “The university always stresses the importance of being respectful neighbours to all new students and we make clear our expectations regarding their behaviour.

“We have been working with local residents in Coldean over a number of years and continue to do so, including at a visit the residents’ association made to the campus during the first week of term.

“Recent discussions have focused on establishing a taxi rank outside Varley Park halls whilst we continue to lobby for a bus stop to be established at the halls.

“In the meantime our staff continue to closely monitor the situation on the ground.”

The neighbours described the disturbances caused by students.

As well as noise in the evenings, which regularly continues into the early hours at the bus stop on Hawkhurst Road, Coldean, neighbours have reported an increase in litter, urination in public spaces and the smell of cannabis.

Jasmine Cady, 30, of Hawkhurst Road said: “We had assurances from the university that they would do something about this when this happened last year.

“They said they would provide security guards.

“But on the first two nights of freshers’ week this year there were no security guards at all, and there was a fight. 

“The students were stumbling around in the road, and motorists speed up here so we were worried about their safety too.

“One of our neighbours has had a loft conversion done but his daughter won’t sleep in there because she’s so scared from the noise.

“Last year this went on until Christmas. It’s a nightmare.”

Residents said students urinate in the alleyway next to the bus stop where parents walk their children to school. 

Jasmine said: “My kids always ask ‘Why does it smell funny?’. My seven-year-old has better bladder control. I think the university really need to up their game. 
“We were told all these promises and it doesn’t feel like they’ve done anything at all.”