A BREXIT Party candidate was accused of threatening civil unrest if Britain does not leave the EU.

Andy Wood, Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Hove for the Brexit Party, was likened to a “fish out of water” as he joined the debate at a mock parliament hosted by the city’s three MPs.

Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas, Kemptown’s Lloyd-Russell Moyle and Peter Kyle, for Hove, invited members of the public to grill them about issues facing the city at the public event at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Grand Parade, Brighton, on Saturday.

Heated debate was dominated by discussions over Britain’s departure from the EU as candidates discussed how the country should unify itself after Brexit.

All three MPs support a further vote on the terms of any withdrawal and Ms Lucas was a founding member of the People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum.

Mr Russell-Moyle opened the discussion by referring to Brexit as “crisis and folly”.

Mr Wood said: “I think you are getting ahead of yourselves asking how we are going to bring ourselves together after Brexit, first we need to leave.

“If Brexit doesn’t go ahead I don’t think you understand the problems it will create.

“If you throw it out there will be serious disillusionment with politics.

“I don’t think there will be riots – certainly not in Hove – but you will have a serious disillusionment with politics.”

One woman in the audience accused Mr Wood of “weaponising people who voted leave”.

In trying to defend his position Mr Wood said: “I said there may be problems. Be careful what you wish for.”

Several audience members shouted “that’s a threat”.

The discussion resulted in a mock vote on whether the country should leave the UK on October 31 at all costs.

Only nine of more than 100 people present voted in favour.

Mr Kyle said: “I do listen [to remainers] because you need to listen respectfully.

“But if we are going to talk about disrespect from the establishment we have had three Prime Ministers and three Brexit plans and each one has said it represents the views of the public in 2016.”

Ms Lucas expressed concern that a second debate about climate change had been relegated to 15 minutes at the end of the two-hour event.

She said: “Brexit taking up so much more time than the climate debate is symptomatic of everything.

“Brexit is important but having a livable planet is even more so.”

Police officers were stationed within the event as a result of increasing threats against MPs following the Brexit referendum.