I SEE in the article regarding the EDO/MDM Technology factory in Wednesday’s Argus we have more codswallop coming from Mr Russell-Moyle MP in reference to the air strikes on the water pump and pipe factory in Sanaa, Yemen, on September 22 2016.

Mr Russell-Moyle says: “I’m extremely concerned. The UN has described this as a potential war crime that is being perpetrated by Britain and the United States.”

Wrong. It was Saudi-led air strikes with, by the looks of it, some assistance by the US with mid-air refuelling. Britain didn’t have an involvement.

“Brighton has a history of being a city of peace,” he says.

Maybe he needs to pop up to the hospital A&E department on a Saturday night and have a look around.

Speak to the police about how many aggressive people they’ve had to arrest that week, or how many torrid crimes the detectives have files open on, sit in the magistrates courts for a few days and have a listen.

He goes on to say “I think it’s shameful that when we are illegally bombing people in Yemen, the name tag on the ground has the address of a factory in Brighton and Hove”.

“It is a stain on our city,” he laments.

Wrong. Firstly Britain didn’t carry out the bombing and secondly there is no address on the component, only the name of the company. Look at the picture.

How on Earth can Mr Russell-Moyle then go on to say that the people of Yemen think we are at war with them. Because British-built planes are overhead?

How stupid in the extreme. That’s like saying we were at war with France during the Falklands War because the Argentines flew French-built Mirage aircraft.

UK defence exports were worth £14 billion in 2018, that’s an awful lot of money put into the pot to pay for hospitals, schools, social care, housing and so forth.