POLICE told a teenage boy they would not investigate after he was assaulted – because the incident took place at school.

Tyler Strudwick was taken to hospital with concussion after being attacked by another pupil at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy last Monday.

Eleven-year-old Tyler’s parents claim the school did not inform them he had been attacked – instead saying he had bumped his head.

When Tyler, of Fishersgate, reported the incident to the police he was told it was not a police matter.

Tyler’s father Ashley Mitchell said: “The school called and said Tyler had bumped his head.

“When my wife got there it looked so bad she took him in to hospital.

“It wasn’t until later when Tyler told us what happened that we realised it had been another pupil.

“He doesn’t feel safe going back to school.

“His eye is still quite swollen and bruised.

“He has only been at the school since the summer.

“It’s his first term of secondary school and it was going really well.”

Mr Mitchell helped Tyler to report the attack on the Sussex Police 101 website.

“I helped him but Tyler did it.

“The response we got just said they wouldn’t look into it.

“This is a physical assault. Even if it was on school property it is surely a crime to assault someone. I can’t believe they wouldn’t look into it.”

Sussex Police said in their response to Tyler: “Due to this occurring on school premises in school hours this needs to be taken up with and dealt with by the school. Unfortunately this is not a matter for the police.”

Sussex Police confirmed they would not investigate matters at schools.

Tyler’s parents said they were also upset that the school did not seem to have taken the matter seriously.

Mr Mitchell added: “At first we just thought he bumped heads with someone.

“It wasn’t till my wife Donna went up there to pick him up that we realised how bad it was.

“It took two days for a reply from the school.

“I eventually got a phone call from the year head to tell us the child that did it got one day isolation and that is all they are going to do.

“Me and my wife were disgusted with the outcome.

“We thought everyone deserves to see what they do for punishment for assault.”

PACA head Mark Poston said: “We have investigated thoroughly. We want all students to move on and make better choices.

“Out agenda is always to help students reflect and learn.”