IN THE midst of the greatest constitutional crisis this country has faced during my lifetime, it is profoundly destructive that the Labour Party in Hove (and elsewhere) is indulging in an internal battle threatening to unseat some of its finest MPs, of whom Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Portslade, is a shining example.

This is unspeakable, given Peter’s track record of achievements both locally and nationally.

It is also both self-destructive and ludicrous, as a full process of deselection and re-selection takes approximately three months, when we could be facing a general election within weeks.

Should those wishing to unseat Peter Kyle succeed, many of his constituents, for whom he has done so much, would wish to support him as an Independent candidate. Clearly, this would run the danger of splitting the Labour vote and returning this once marginal seat to the Conservatives.

Is this really the outcome his opponents desire?

The divisions that this process makes evident threatens to render the Labour Party, of which I am a lifelong member, unelectable. A Labour Party which has no room for Peter Kyle, has no room for me. Such a move would guarantee a far right Conservative victory for another decade.

Those considering voting against Peter Kyle should think politically and reconsider.

Professor Barbara Einhorn, Furze Hill, Hove