IT IS FUNNY as I have been moaning about the parking for ages.

I am 71 years old and a Brightonian. I also live in code H area.

When it started it was free then after a few years we had to pay £50 then up to two months ago it was £125 for the year and now the council in their wisdom have decided to add on to the forms emissions.

What it has to do with parking I can’t think.

I changed my Y reg Mercedes 320E for a Nissan Pathfinder. It’s an 09 reg 2.5 litre engine which is apparently on high emissions so it has now jumped to £163 per year.

I sent an email to the council but got no reply after saying now you have put up the parking permit charge I do hope that you will be moving the large black rubbish bins from the parking bays so we can park in those bays.

One other thing I would like to say about the council is why are they wasting money causing this traffic chaos around the Old Steine.

It’s the same old story, they do things but don’t think of the problems it causes.

North Street now has wide footpaths which are great for walking on, but when buses are at the bus stops there is only room for one up one down, not taking into account if a ambulance or fire engine wants to get by.

It’s a shame nobody thinks about people getting to work.

Try getting into Brighton from Lewes Road.

From the bottom of Coldean Lane it’s one long queue until after the school run.

Coming up from Falmer to Woodingdean it is the same problem.

As for coming into Brighton from Saltdean, that’s another joke.

One last thing. Why if they are getting rid of the roundabout at the pier have just repainted the lines in the road?

If I had to choose between Brighton or Eastbourne, I would go Eastbourne as it’s free parking on Sundays as are Bognor, Littlehampton and Worthing.

JW Brittain, Chadborn Close, Brighton