A VIOLENT thug attacked four hospital workers.

James Morris launched into the attack against doctors Timothy Kensington and Louise Watson, nurse Ross Williams and health care assistant Ross Baxter as they were trying to save his life at the Conquest Hospital in St Leonards.

Morris, 24, of Fairlight Road, Hastings, has a history of violent crimes - including being first convicted of grievous bodily harm aged just 15.

He hit the medics as they tried to treat him after an overdose, then attacked another member of the public and hurled racist abuse at Dr Kensington.

Hove Crown Court heard on Monday that he also assaulted the mother of his child leaving her with a broken nose in a separate incident after the hospital attack.

Adam James, representing Morris, said: “A few days before this his long time best friend, who he had known since childhood, committed suicide by falling in front of a train.

“That had an adverse effect on him.

“He had taken an overdose and was being assisted by medical services in hospital.

“He woke at a time when he was having a catheter fitted and reacted badly to that situation.

“It is not an attractive position. Staff were trying to assist him and were hit for their troubles.

“He did apologise once the police arrived. “ Judge Shani Barnes said :”I am concerned that age 24 he has appeared before the court 17 times for 47 offences, before the seven offences he is here for today.

“A lot are violent and his first offence was a section 20 [grievous bodily harm] aged 15.”

Judge Barnes asked for an assessment to be made over whether Morris should be considered a danger to the public and ordered probation services to conduct a thorough report into his background.

She said: “All be it that he must have been through the most terrible and tragic circumstances, I want a report to put all his offending in context. “ Morris pleaded guilty to assault. He also admitted assaulting another member of the public and causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm and distress during the same incident.

Morris also admitted committing grievous bodily harm to his former partner and leaving her with a broken nose in a separate incident.

Morris was remanded in custody and told he will be sentenced once a full report has been prepared on November 15.

If Morris is found to be a danger to the public he could be ordered to serve an extended prison sentence