A POPULAR pub has been saved from closure after an appeal from its regulars.

The landlady of The Battle of Trafalgar in Brighton has promised the pub will “carry on sailing” after fears the popular boozer would be turned into a sports bar.

Earlier this year, landlady Mel Heath was told by the EI Group, the company which owns it, that it was going to take it back to run it themselves.

But now, the owners have agreed the pub in Guildford Road will remain as it is for at least five years following the appeals from management, furious regulars and even publican Dave Day.

Mel, who has run the pub for 14 years, said: “We would like to thank our customers for their petitions, letters and moaning.

“The Battle will stay the same, we will carrying on sailing.”

A petition to “save” the pub from “whatever fate may lie in store for it” was set up by Lizzi Humphreys.

Mel, along with manager Peter Wass, praised Lizzi for her efforts.

Lizzi’s petition to “save The Battle of Trafalgar” was signed by more than 4,500 people.

Responding to the news, she said: “The Battle of Trafalgar is safe for the next five years and will remain in its current form which we love.

“The wonderful staff, Mel, Pete and the rest of the bar staff and kitchen staff will all be there to offer their warm welcome and thanks to their loyal customers.

“Thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the online petition and signed the paper one in our pub, the response was amazing and it was shared worldwide. We all made a difference and a huge thank you to Mel and Pete for all their hard work to keep our pub as a friendly, traditional pub.”