A football club owner who punched a teenager had his community service sentence reduced - after failing to turn up to carry it out.

Azwar Majeed, who owns Crawley Town Football Club with his brother Chas, missed 15 and a half hours of unpaid work in August as part of his sentence for assault.

The 31-year-old claimed he was to ill to attend but admitted breaching his community service sentence by failing to provide medical evidence within seven days.

Magistrates in Brighton ordered Majeed to pay £150 court costs and serve an extra 15 hours of community service.

That means when he finally completes his sentence he will have carried out 89 and a half hours of unpaid work, rather than the 90 hours he was originally ordered to undertake.

Majeed was convicted of assaulting 18-year-old Martin Grainger in Worthing in the early hours of September 17 last year.

He was sentenced to community service at Worthing Magistrates' Court on November 22.

Ian Bridge, defending, said Majeed seriously injured his back when he crashed his Porsche 911 in Pyecombe in January this year.

He said he later suffered whiplash in a second, less serious, car crash.

Both injuries affected his ability to carry out the unpaid work required by his sentence.

Mr Bridge said: "Had it not been for the car crash this would have been long completed.

"His one aim now is to get this out of the way and repay the debt he acknowledges he owes to society for the assault he committed back in 2006."

Majeed and his brother Chas have hit the headlines for their running of Crawley Town FC, which has suffered major financial troubles for three seasons.

In June The Argus reported Azwar Majeed's flat in North Street, Brighton, had been put up for auction to help repay £140,000 to the club's creditors.

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