I WOULD like to reply to the letter on the trigger ballot proposed by Hove Labour Party.

The justification is to get 'brilliant new candidates' to come through, as proposed by your contributor.

With some reluctance, it was suggested that Peter Kyle had done a good job for the constituency, but others could have done as good a job, given the chance. 

He/she goes on to say the selection process allows Labour members to make a clear statement to the public about what they  represent as a local party.

Given the single most pressing issue at present is Brexit,  given the commitment and work that Peter Kyle has done over the last three years, why on earth would the party want to deselect him, other than he does not represent the views of a small unrepresentative group within the Hove Labour Party?

He certainly represents his constituents who gave him a massive endorsement in 2017.

Why at this perilous time for the country, and Brighton and Hove in particular as the city faces more cuts were we to leave the European Union, are Hove Labour party wasting time on this venture?

Brighton and Hove for Europe is a cross party group, we are one of a number of the grassroots groups who have sprung up all over the country in order  to keep Britain in the EU.

We work with anyone wishing to stop Brexit, and we endorse a second referendum once we know what the terms of any deal are.  We all value the work Peter has done and  are keen to offer our support as he too has argued for a second referendum for a long time, and has seen his party finally come round to this way of thinking.

We have been campaigning to stop Brexit for three years now, and are tantalisingly close to this goal.  Everyone in this city should be working together to defeat this monstrous government whose cruel and shameful policies will further marginalise the vulnerable in our society, - those the Hove Labour Party wish to protect.

Anything that deflect peoples' energies from this goal, is unwelcome at this time. 

We hope that Peter Kyle's  constituents in Hove turn out in huge  numbers on both those dates to support him.

Rev Susie Courtault, Chair Brighton and Hove for EU