FIRST of all let me admit that this place isn’t really a pub.

In fact I didn’t go there to do a review but I almost literally stumbled across it and as it had a good bar and nice food I felt it was worthy of passing on my experience.

I was heading out on a good walk to build up a good thirst.

I left the railway station at Seaford, heading to the beach and across towards Seaford Head.

The plan was to go on a proper autumnal hike to Cuckmere Haven and onwards, across the Seven Sisters to return to the Tiger Inn at East Dean.

I’d been looking at some old PubSpy reviews and as I had not been back to The Tiger Inn for more than a year I thought I’d head back that way.

I was after a long healthy walk after being inspired by The Argus walk Saturday Weekend supplement. But after reaching Seaford Head the wind started to frighten me as it was a blustery day.

I was staying well away from the edge of the cliff by the way. I saw the signs warning of the dangers and I’d seen the stories in The Argus of people standing in dangerous spots.

I’ve also been to the National Trust museum at Beachy Head which shows how far the cliff will erode each year.

But even safely away from the edge you could lean against the wind and it would hold you up if you were slight enough. OK, not me, but other people who were skinnier were nearby.

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I asked one of the skinnier types what the building just inland at the golf course was – was it just the clubhouse?

“No it’s also open to the public and it’s really nice,” I was told.

So I headed across the edge of the 18th hole, heading straight for the 19th hole, as they say.

What a cheat. I had done a good 20-minute walk so I didn’t feel too guilty.

It was a bit mysterious as I arrived. I had to work out where the entrance was and even once inside I wasn’t sure about it.

It felt a little like a Premier Travel Inn or a conference centre. Were getting ready to choose their reception venue could imagine the scene fully.

The fact they had done up the large area at the rear to show how it would look for a wedding added to the slightly strange feeling. There was even a cake in the corner.

But after I worked out where the bar was it improved dramatically.

There’s a nice little comfy seating area as you walk in and a long bar on your left with lots more beyond, including the wedding area.

There are more seats with a beautiful view across to Seaford Head. Though it was blustery it was a clear day and this was a great view out towards France. Now I knew why it was called The View.

There were a few groups of chaps who had managed to pull off what was evidently a great round of golf, full of spirits as they enjoyed a couple of drinks afterwards. They were resplendent in full branded golf attire. Very smart.

But there were others like me who had obviously chosen just to head there for drinks and food.

I settled into a lovely pint of Long Blonde from the nearby Long Man Brewery. I love a pint at about 3.8 per cent like this. I love a strong Belgian type beer like a Leffe too.

But this Long Blonde was perfect for the occasion. Fruity and smooth. Tasty and nice for a slow relaxing drink.

There isn’t a massive choice here but I next went for the Pravha, nice and light and crisp as expected.

These two aperitifs made me feel hungry and I must recommend the food. The burger is big and tasty. For £10.35 you get a 6oz burger with bacon and Monterey jack cheese, with coleslaw and chips. Mrs PubSpy, though not on the booze on this visit, enjoyed the scampi and like me was a fan of the cracking chunky style chips too. There’s a children’s menu, light bites and sandwiches, just so you know in case you fancy it.