A WOMAN has expressed her anger at being left without a working toilet for more than 36 hours.

Michelle Polirer, 44, was shocked to learn she may have to wait up to three weeks before her toilet is fixed.

Ms Polirer, of Burstead Close in Hollingbury, Brighton, first reported the problem to Clarion Housing Group on Monday and was told by the housing association it would be fixed within 24 hours.

She said: “I told them I have a child under 16.

“They assured me it would be sorted out on the Tuesday, so we waited, but it got to 26 hours and no one had come.”

After another call to Clarion, Ms Polirer said a man was sent to fix the toilet, but he was not sufficiently prepared.

“They just sent a bloke with a plunger, which was no use, as the flush was broken when he left.

“After calling again I was told I could not ‘add’ to my complaint, and this time they promised it would be sorted within 48 hours.”

However the toilet has still not been fixed and Ms Polirer said she has had to resort to “creative methods” to defecate and dispose of excrement.

Speaking yesterday, she said: “This morning I was out walking my dog and I had to squirrel myself away in the bushes as I needed to go.

“My dog was just looking at me, as if to say, what are you doing?

“I’ve had to come up with some imaginative ways to dispose of poo, like putting it in skips.”

Ms Polirer, who is a part-time personal assistant, said she is not often able to go to the toilet when she is working, as she cares for an elderly woman.

She said her daughter is uncomfortable using the toilets at school, and has had a stomach ache in the past few days after holding it in.

The situation worsened yesterday when Ms Polirer called Clarion’s customer services line and was told there is no 48-hour policy.

She said: “They said they have a ten-day waiting period to log complaints, and so it could be up to 21 days before they fix the problem.

“I checked their policies online and they don’t specify any timeframes, so why did they tell me that before? It’s the first rule of customer service isn’t it, not to over-promise.

“What if it was a problem with gas or electricity? I just feel drained with it all.”

Ms Polirer was even more surprised when she received a voicemail yesterday evening from Clarion to say the issue had been resolved, even though the toilet has not been fixed.

A spokesman for Clarion Housing Group said: “A contractor attended the resident’s property on Tuesday and was able to clear a blockage in the toilet, demonstrating that it was working before leaving the premises.

“We received a call later that morning reporting the toilet was not flushing and an emergency follow-up appointment was made, but this was cancelled following a further call from the resident reporting that the issue had been resolved. We have received no further reports from the resident relating to her toilet and believe it to be in working order. We have, however, made contact with the resident again to avoid any confusion and ensure all outstanding issues have been resolved.”