A PRIMARY school pupil was reported to have taken a knife into school.

Staff at Stanford Junior School in Stanford Road, Brighton, were alerted to a “serious matter” this week.

It was reported that a child had carried a knife in his backpack and showed off to fellow pupils.

One parent said their child came home and told them the blade was the size of a paring knife.

“I was alarmed, why did the pupil bring a knife to school?,” the parent said.

In a letter sent to parents of children in the pupil’s class, headteacher Paul Davis said staff were alerted at the end of the school day.

He wrote: “Yesterday, we were alerted to a serious matter involving a pupil in your child’s class.

“We understand that other children in the class had been aware of the situation and did not speak to school staff but may have spoken to you about it.

“Staff were first alerted to this at the end of the school day and took immediate action, speaking to both the pupil and their parent.”

The school has children aged 7 to 11

Mr Davis said the incident was investigated and appropriate action was taken in response, while children in the class were also spoken to.

In a second letter to parents he said the school has sought specialist advice from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Mr Davis said the matter had been dealt with “in line with school policy”.

He wrote: “The children have had an opportunity to meet with me to share their thoughts and feelings, and I have met with all of the children that requested this.

“The children have been reassured that measures have been taken to keep them safe.

“They have also been reminded of the importance of sharing any worries or concerns immediately with a trusted adult in school and also at home.”

At the school gate yesterday there was worry and concern from parents.

On being told of the reports, one parent said: “It is shocking.

“I had not heard that anything had happened.”

Another parent said: “I did not expect it to happen, especially in an area like this. It is shocking.

“We are hoping to hear more about it with a newsletter from the school.”

A spokesman for Stanford Junior School said: “We would like to reassure parents that their children were not put at risk. The incident was dealt with effectively and immediately by the class teacher in line with the school’s behaviour policy, and support was offered to any children or parents who required it. Our priority is to ensure a safe learning environment for all our children.”