SEVERAL times I have written to The Argus about the disgusting amount of mindless tagging in Brighton and recently it has made news items on Meridian news and The Argus.

Now finally the council has woken up and wants to wage war on graffiti by cleaning it up.

That will not work.

There are plenty of examples in the town where tagging has been painted out and within a few days it’s back again, just have a look at Aldi’s wall in Cheapside.

You are just giving the mindless morons a blank canvas to start again. It’s the taggers the council needs to wage war on.

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Some of the tags are seen over a wide area so surely they must have been picked up on CCTV somewhere.

And what about parents, neighbours, teachers?

They must have seen some evidence of aerosols or where they are bought.

Do they go out late at night armed with aerosol cans?

Someone must know.

As I understand it, it is a criminal offence to deface property so if and when they are caught, they should be fined and given community service cleaning off graffiti.

As a grumpy old git I doubt if this letter will make the slightest difference, it will all still be there this time next year as I have little faith in this council.

John Dace, Cleveland Road, Brighton