A RANGE of “invisible” knitted jumpers are the focus of a new photography book.

Nina Dodd is a student welfare adviser at Brighton and Sussex Medical School by day and knits in her spare time.

Now she has teamed up with a photographer to create the Invisible Jumpers book, in which 25 colourful outfits blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Nina, 52, of Regency Square, Brighton, has been knitting since she was a child, but she started to do more unusual, off-pattern projects about 15 years ago.

She said: “It’s all very well if you can knit your friends a jumper but they only really want one so I decided to pursue more quirky projects.”

Her initial idea came aboard a Brighton bus. She said: “As well as knitting I just love being on buses and I travel on them a lot.

“One day I thought, why on earth have I not knitted something which matches the bus upholstery?”

Nina said it took a couple of days to work out the pattern using graph paper and then three more days to knit her first “invisible” jumper.

She showed it to Brighton-based photographer Joseph Ford, who thought it would be ideal for a photography project. He said: “I asked Nina to knit some more and started looking for locations that would work and it just grew from there.”

The book includes photographs of models in “invisible” jumpers taken at a range of locations abroad and around Sussex, including a man outside Infinity Foods in Brighton, a woman on the cliffs near Beachy Head and a girl swinging beneath the cherry blossom in Stanmer Park.

Fatboy Slim also features in one of the photographs sitting on his rooftop, which has a big yellow smiley face painted on it. He says the book is “right up his street” as he loves “this kind of attention to the absurd”.

Invisible Jumpers is available to buy at ninadoddknits.com and josephford.net for £12.95.