A MAKE-UP shop was forced to close its doors after vegan activists staged a protest outside.

About a dozen activists wearing red paint make-up demonstrated against M.A.C Cosmetics in East Street, Brighton.

Two young women lay on the ground near to a cage to highlight concerns over animal testing.

Activists from the Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) group held placards that read: “It’s not science, it’s violence.”

Staff at the shop said they had no choice but to close the shop while the protest took place.

One staff member said: “We have animal rights activists outside the shop, it is all getting a bit out of hand.

“We have had to shut the shop.

The Argus:

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"Some of them were lying down outside and had red all over their face, it was ridiculous.”

DxE says that no activists attempted to enter the shop during the demonstration today.

But some shoppers were sympathetic to the message and said the vegan activists had a right to raise their concerns peacefully.

One witness said: “I use M.A.C, so now I will see how they test their products. Non violent protest is fine.

“I have seen some of the Extinction Rebellion protests which have gone too far, but if they are peaceful they have our support.”

One shopper said: “Staff were probably a bit scared by it, it was probably upsetting for the shop.”

Meanwhile another passer-by in East Street said: “This is certainly a good way to catch people’s attention. 

“I did not know anything about it before, but it certainly makes you think about it.”

After the protest the activists packed up, and the shop then reopened.